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    Car tax hikes delayed for at least 2 years!

    Great news for people that were preparing to spend anything up to £100+ EXTRA on their car tax next year, it was stated in the Pre-Budget Report today that there would be a maximum increase of £5 next year, and a maximum of £30 the following year. I think this is fantastic news for car owners with larger engines. This will now stop a lot of cars being made "worthless" due to stupid road tax costs.

    "Although the car tax changes were aimed at hitting gas guzzlers, many mid-range family cars, such as a Ford Mondeo, would have seen road tax rise from £210 this year to £300 next year and £310 in 2010. This will now be limited to £215 and £245 in 2009 and 2010, repectively."

    I know there will be mixed views on this but I think it is a good thing to delay this for now. I have no plans to downgrade to a 1.2 any time soon!!


    £100??? you must be joking!

    Sorry, what I mean is mine was due to go up from around £200 or whatever it is now - to £450 next year!!!

    so a big woohoo from me!

    Original Poster

    I think it is crazy this has been expired when there are numerous useless "petrol is 90p at my local petrol station" posts that are never expired. This is going to save people a lot of money and could alter their future car plans. I did not know about this news until I read about it, I want others to know about it too!

    yay thanks for that op, so I wont have to lug bales of hay and horse feed in a little car one bale at a time after all phewww my landrover can stay. couldnt add heat but rep added

    it isnt a deal though is it? it is a standard price.

    it would be like posting about all the supposed tax and vat cuts or more importantly all the huge increases some of us will have to pay for all the doleys.

    This is great news for me.
    It will save me hundreds of pounds and only 'cos my car is 3 months too young.
    Too young at 7 years old. What a joke.

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    £100??? you must be joking!Sorry, what I mean is mine was due to go up … £100??? you must be joking!Sorry, what I mean is mine was due to go up from around £200 or whatever it is now - to £450 next year!!!so a big woohoo from me!

    Same here :thumbsup:

    This will be good, if they stick to it


    I agree with holding off the prices, but am kind of worried about what will happen in 3 years when they put the cost of tax back up, the ni will go up and vat goes back up, surely we will all be far worse off then ???

    scary i know, and don;t like to think that far ahead, just hope they go easy on us in 3 years time !

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