Car Tax Refund Cheque Expired

Posted 6th Dec 2018
I sold my car last year that had 5 months tax remaining. Following the sale, I went away on holiday. My family placed the cheque (Over £100) where it slipped behind a drawer, When I came back from holiday, I totally forgot about the refund.

Today, I cleared out the drawer and found it. Its dated 23rd Aug 2017 and says its only valid for 6 months from that date.

Has anyone had a similar problem... If I call them will they re-issue the cheque?

Thanks in advance
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Call them and ask, most people on a forum about saving money wouldn’t be so careless or forgetful about £100 pounds!!!!
Hopefully they will re-issue the cheque.
I've had them reissue a cheque before so they can do it. Wasn't for that reason though.
I found such a cheque in my late father's paperwork. A quick letter to dvla got it reissued.
And what about the £100 I loaned you. You've completely forgot about that haven't you. What are you liked? I'll expect it tomorrow then
I blame statins for me becoming forgetful .......

All sorted after dvla call
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