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Found 10th Jan 2015
Hi, I have just found out that I've been a victim of fraud while overseas. because of this dvla was able to take 6 months of car tax and it returned. does anyone know if my tax is now void and I need to re apply or it will retake in the next few days. problem is I'm in the USA until to it and dvla are now closed and I need to drive my car tomorrow. any help would be appricated.

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sorry it should say unable to take the payment.

Dvla is contactable 24/7 now.

Yes your car will be untaxed so you'll need to sort asap

So in effect, you've not paid for tax, then one could only assume you're not taxed?

You can check online to see if taxed…tax

Original Poster

what's there 24/7 number? I thought it would be like car insurance when 1 returned dd would get taken following month

It's on their website.

Went 24/7 under new system as you can't sell a car with tax, therefore need to be able to tax it.

Does anyone know how soon you can set up a direct debit for car tax?
Do you do it when your tax is actually due or do you have to set it up in advance?

aren't all car tax cut-offs at the end of the month i.e. this payment would've been feb to july so you're covered until end of jan?
unless the failed DD is an old one that has only come to light now, i would on first impressions expect it to be covered for now. handy that there's a online tool for checking now

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the only tool doesn't show any changes made in the last 5 days. 24/7 phone line is automated. plus with being overseas I have no car details only number plate

You can tax your car direct debit the day it is due and the direct debit will still take 14 days but you are still taxed on the due date
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