Car Tax (VED) New changes from April 1st 2017

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    Basically, George Osborne announced during the 2015 budget that VED will change, mainly due to the fall in revenue since low emission cars have been taxed at a lower rate.

    Vehicles registered before April 1st 2017 will not be affected, only those registered after this date.

    Three new classifications : Zero - Standard - Premium.



    already posted

    Watch for all diesels to be lumped under "Premium"


    Gone from a vectra diesel 1.9 cdti auto @ £270.00 a year to
    A Peugeot 5008 1.6 bluehdi auto @ £30.00 a year.
    Glad I got it before April .

    strangely but March 2017 models may have a higher resale value than the April model due to the change in tax
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