Car theft gang steals man's finger

    Car theft gang steals man's finger

    CRIMINALS chopped off the tip of a man's finger in Malaysia to override a high-tech security feature that required his fingerprint to start his luxury car, a report said today.

    Accountant K Kumaran, 29, was walking towards his 300,000 ringgit ($102,584) S-Class Mercedes Benz in a Kuala Lumpur suburb on Monday when he was knocked down from behind by a car, the New Straits Times reported.
    "I fell face first and four men armed with parangs (machetes) came out of the car," he was quoted as saying.

    "They forced me to hand over my car keys and then asked for my car security card (a keyless alarm system needed to start some Mercedes cars)," he said.

    "I told them that my car did not have a security card but a system which requires my fingerprint.

    "They forced me to put my finger on the panel and then started the car. They bundled me into the back, between the seats and used my tie to blindfold me," he said.

    Kumaran was driven to another location where the carjackers asked two other men whether they could bypass the immobiliser system.

    When they said they could not, Kumaran was stripped naked and ordered to put his left hand on the ground.

    One of the hijackers then used a machete to chop off the tip of Kumaran's index finger.

    "I cried out in pain and they pushed me into a drain."

    After the men used his chopped-off digit to start the car and sped off, Kumaran removed his blindfold and walked several hundred metres to a highway toll plaza.

    Police were called and Kumaran, who was pictured with a bandaged finger, was sent to hospital.…tml


    The good old days eh? when you could just touch a couple of wires together :roll:

    Shouldn't laugh I know, but the Police are looking for a person in a top hat with a rabbit peeping out from underneath. [That finger in a matchbox trick sure looks real though :?]

    Horrible..but Rayman mentioned this in the Hot Deals forum regarding the sony micro vault with biometric protection I'm guessing my data is less valuable than a Mercedes though...

    Now I'm wondering how long do you think the finger would last?? And how do the biometric things work? Could you just take a latex cast of his finger and use that?

    Original Poster

    The idea of finger stealing could become a new trend :shock:

    Shoppers have to run a finger over a scanner at the cash desk to confirm their purchases, and receive the goods.

    Customers have to register for the service by signing an agreement allowing Edeka to debit unpaid purchases from their bank accounts.

    Edeka spokesman, Gert Duschan, said that a trial will be conducted in Ruelzheim, near the Belgian border. If it proves successful the system will be made available for all branches.
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