car trouble, help needed

hi guys wondered if anyone can help me? went 2 start my car this morning it started then i drove round the corner then cut out, couldnt start it up again and red engine light come on. any help appriciated.
my car is a t reg rover 200 turbo diesel


Hi I don't know alot about cars - but I had a Mazda many years back - and when I started that and drove along the road it would cut out.

It turned out my alternator needed replacing.

Go here to relevant forum and ask the same question. Great people in there.


I think its your spiggot shaft

best to do is have a lil gander on forums to find common problems.

but let me just throw random idea's at you so perhaps it might help you along the way..
~ glow plugs dont like being in the cold. needs warming before moving off.
~ like the above said, it could be alternator which stops things dead pretty quickly if your batt is low. test it with multimeter or another car?
~ coolant gone? - overheat engine? (prob will see lots of smoke tho.. lol)

On thinking about it it seems more of a eletrical problem.

I'm not big on cars but it sounds to me like the falange might have come loose.


it could be any one of a hundred things so doubt you'd solve it with advice on a deals forum. Join the AA / RAC and get it more than half a mile from your house and call them out. or get it to a garage

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thanks, ill hav a little look through the forums now and see if i can solve it, just dont hav the pennies 2 put in garage with it being christmas and all;-)

Look in your handbook to see what the " red light " means.. it is obviously something serious.

Does the lights turn on, if yes the battery is ok

I had the same problem and my cam belt on my vauxhall vectra came off and messed up the engine, got a quote from the garage and they said some of tghe engine components need changing and would cost £550 :x

So i sold the car for spares or repair for £200, lost around £1200 on the car:x

Hope your car gets fixed
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