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    where do you buy your tyres?

    i need 195/55/16 R and can only get £60 as cheapest new for 1!



    Where do you live?

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    Just open the yellow pages ring the first one then ring all the others and tell them it was slightly less than the other in my experience they will all tend to undercut each other. Well they do round here anyway. Worth a try may take an hr or so but if you have free minutes you may save yourself quite a few quid ....excellent prices fitted locally to you with a great service. Used them several times and they;ve been top notch every time. Last time I bought a set of 4 mid-range tyres, I got them for £240 fitted including 5% off, fitted at a local garage with a great reputation for service and I only waited about 10mins after the doors opened with 4 people in front of me (they had a few bays). Bought those tyres almost 2 years ago and they are still going strong with 75%+ tread at latest service. Excellent quality and service.

    Go to a local independent place.
    You are helping the livelihood of local folks and will be able to get a good price comparable to the best internet prices. The local ones I use are always loads cheaper than the national chains.

    Try Falken ZE912 (available in your required size) for a good, mid-range tyre.
    Nankangs are cheaper but in the wet they're.....interesting.
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    I have been using Event tyres for the last 3 years and would recommend them very highly. Cheaper than anyone else and they keep you informed every step of the way.

    One more place to look for 1x 195/65R16 that's really cheap...the boot (assuming you have a full size spare!).

    It worked for me when I only needed one tyre. The one tyre that was almost worn was placed in the boot as the spare. Most people forget about the spare to the advantage of the scrappie.
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