Posted 19th Jan 2023 (Posted 12 h, 54 m ago)
Just had my car checked because of a water leak on the header tank. And they have replaced the water tank and found out the water tank leaked because of to much pressure. I have been quoted between £700/800 to replace a head gasket.

Thinking of selling . Wondering how much I would get for a 2012 limited edition white vauxhall corsa. Milage around 134k
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    About £800 if your lucky I'd say.
    Take it you haven't looked at car prices lately double that price easily
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    Can you see the water bubbling or boiling in the header tank ? with the engine running...

    After a run, does the tank feel warm ?
    If not, goto another garage and get a second opinion , as I smell a rat (edited)
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    Are you going to mention the head gasket when you come to sell? Better not sell privately if you don't.

    See what "we buy any car" will offer you.
    As mention 'if' the HG is going you'll have to mention it.
    Does the car overheat? I've had a couple of HG go on cars and the temperature just rises and rises
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    Put it on eBay with Best offers and see what interest you attract. Always some car enthusiast out there that will make a fair offer who will most likely fix the issue them self or take it to a garage that will most likely do it half the price.
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    Get prices off WBAC, Motorway, Autotrader. Go with the best one. Don't sell it privately to some poor sod
    I'm not that kind of person. Besides I have to keep filling up with water
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    If you don't need a reason to buy a new car, then you may be able to salvage this car for cheap.

    Have they done a proper head gasket test ? I ask this because they REPLACED the tank and after that they found that "tank leaked because of to much pressure".

    Are there any traces of oil in the water ? Do you feel a strange smell ? If it's not the case then check the radiator cap.
    Measure the water temperature: cheap OBD (less than £10) + an OBD app (like Torque) and see if the thermostat triggers.
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