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Found 1st Aug 2017
Need some help here guys and girls

Won't waffle

Got a car today says 6 months warranty on website

Rang today saiid the warranty is not in the pack we got

He said because you got a discount you only get 30 day warranty I'm fuming

Oh just rang now says he will give me. 6 month warranty gear box and engine

Will this do ???
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To be honest a warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on (unless it's three-ply and perforated). There are so many 'get out clauses' and the interpretation of 'wear and tear' and 'consumables' that this is where garages cop out of fulfilling their obligations.
Make sure you keep all the original sales documents, screen shots of any web descriptions and sales blurb.
You can't beat getting a good mechanic looking a car over BEFORE you buy it!

The car passed it's mot a month ago and has full service history it's 2014 plate with 25k on clock so hoping it will be ok ..I get what you mean there's so many clauses you end up paying for something because warranty won't cover it
Might still have some manufacturer warranty left on it if its a 2014??
No ran out 6 months ago
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