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    Hi all, my car's still under it three year vaxhall warranty, which means I have to get it serviced each year with vuaxhall parts..., I was wondering what the time period is to get it serviced, i.e how many days after the year mark can you get it serviced under? If that makes sense =P


    Depends what service interals its on..

    Look in your service book..

    Could be fixed 12 months / 10k miles, or a long life of 20k 2 years for example.

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    its on the every 1 year/or 20k miles one... But do yuo know what how many days after (one year has passed), I can get the car serviced and still be valid for the warranty?

    You dont have to have it serviced at vauxhall to keep your warranty.
    Policy will state that servicing garage must be vat reged and use like for like parts.
    I would have a basic oil change then get a local garage to do the rest.
    Phone around i had a camb belt kit and water pump fitted at vauxhall on my vectra 150 bhp diesel,
    Quotes were £500.00 plus.
    Called around and got it down to £305.00 @ vauxhall
    I got quote and Told each dealer HOW MUCH sound to much and this dealer not far from them said £415.00 and so on till £305.00 all in.
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