Car Warranty - Heated Windcreen

Posted 25th Jan 2013
Just wondered if anyone had any idea / advice about this. I bought a 59 plate Focus from the Ford dealer 7 months ago. I also pay for a 2 year mechanical warranty with them, which I took out when I bought the car.
During the cold spell we had over Christmas, it became apparent that the heated front windscreen only works on the driver’s side of the car, with the passenger’s side being completely ineffective.
I took my car into the Ford dealership today and asked the windscreen. Their reply was that it’s not covered under the warranty, and after examining it determined the car needed a new windscreen to fix the issue, which I would be responsible for paying.
When I bought the car, it was under the impression that everything was ‘as new’. I tested as much as I could prior to pruchase– but with it being summer, apart from the light turning on ‘on’ the switch, there’s no way I could have tested the full heated windscreen worked. I never even turned it on until a few weeks ago, so the fault obviously existed when I bought the car – as I say with it being summer there was no way of testing this.
Its not a massive thing, but the heated front windscreen was one of the features that attracted me to the car, and unless I pay for a new windscreen, won’t be able to use properly. Anyone got any advice on how to proceed? Or am I stuck with it?
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