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Found 19th Feb 2011
hi all. we are in a bit of a pickle as our FORD C-Max 05 reg owned for 3 years has developed a fault and the Ford garage has give me and my partner similar but not identical reasons for it. Basically the car started to make funny noises on wednesday 16th February. On Thursday morning we took it to Ford garage near us (as we had taken out the 3 year warranty) and after leaving it there overnight the guy rang us Friday morning to tell us it was the turbo and it will cost £2000 as it was not covered in the warranty as we had missed a service last year. As you can imagine we cant pay £2000. When my partner went to collect the car the same guy told her the oil had gone thick and gluteny( hence not lubricating the turbo but no mention of the turbo breaking), the galleries need clearing and the whole engine needs a thorough clean out. So we decided to take the car home and deal with it but as my partner went to drive out of the forecourt the car wouldn't reach 5 mph and had to crawl to a garage approx. 1 mile the road and he found that they had left a pipe off. The mechanic was estounded that she made it that far and probably caused more damage not to mention the fact shes pregnant and could of caused a serious crash. Sorry for going on but i need some advice as to what i can do as we cant afford £2000 but what i more annoying was the fact the Ford guy seem to get out of repairing it on a technically, if you will, by saying its our fault for not taking it for a service last year. Anybody got any advice or know where i can get some help.
Thanks Jason

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not a technicality,unfortunately you missed a scheduled service, it'll be in their T&C's, had you had the oil service done when it was due, then the oil wouldn't have lost it viscosity,leading to problems with the turbo.
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I do know a warranty is void if you fail to have the car serviced so you havent got a leg to stand on with that one , as for the mechanic making the error of not fixing the pipe back on and possibly making it worse and also dangerous for your pregnant wife is something you should follow up and complain and you may get it done cheaper as compensation /goodwill gesture , have you informed the ford garage of there error ?

It won't be covered by warranty as it will be well covered against due to missed service.
If a main ford garage is quoting £2000 then it will be a lot lot cheaper elsewhere.
As above put in a serious complaint about leaving the pipe off.
Phone some garages specialising in turbos, say what ford have said and get them to quote for a new turbo and ask them to quote for if it just requires a cleaning of the components. (am not sure but you may be able to clear quite easily with an engine flush? but you will have to ask the garage as have never done or needed to do this).

Unfortunately you don't have a leg to stand on due to the missed service. Part of the conditions of the warranty will be that it is serviced at regular intervals, and using ford approved parts. No service when it is due = void warranty...

It's not a technicality, missing the service was most likely the primary cause. Hope you get it sorted.

If the car wasn't right you should not have drove off and got the garage to look at it, good luck but not sure you will get anywhere

And being pregnant has nothing to do with it

£2000? At Ford dealer prices, I'm sure they would charge that.
In terms of your Warranty, you can kiss that good bye. Failure in not following the T&C's is a big no with any warranty. As for missing a service, well even a basic oil change is better than nothing at all. Mine is changed every 6 months and all for £25.

As for the issue now, start ringing around, perhaps let us know where you live in the UK. We may be able to advice on trusted mechanics in your area.
A recon Turbo (if that is the problem) will cost a lot less than new.
Have a read of the forums at for any other tips.

No regular service = no warranty

I worked at a ford dealer for 4 yrs and you have no chance under warranty

I doubt if you will get a goodwill gesture either as you missed the service and also because of the age of the car.

Best thing to do I ring around some turbo companies and see if you can source one cheaper yourself.
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