Car wheel locking nut key VW

    HI would like someone with knowledge to identify what Letter key i need. This is for a VW polo 2011. I have contacted the dealer who has quoted me £150 to change the key, as they don't provide just the key it self. On eBay they sell keys but i need to know the exact 3 digits or letter which i don't. I have provided images. I bought this car but never came with the locking key, guessing the last owner has lost it.



    An independent garage/tyre fitter should be able to help..

    I had the same problem, I went to a local garage and got the security bolts removed for £10 and gonna buy some new boots and put them in

    my sister lost her locking nut key for BMW went to dealer they had a set of keys. once 1 matched mine it cost 20 for replacement

    a local garage or tyre place will be able to get them off a lot cheaper. Then buy a new set for about £20.

    Personally I hate locking wheel nuts. They cause more grief than they are worth. Anyone wanting to steal wheels will. I won't name the manufacturer but one car company uses only 15 combinations of locking nut key. You could buy the full set from a dealers for £100 without question.

    Get a local tyre place to remove them as suggested.

    looks like that should come off with a chisel and mallet then go to the scrappy and just get new bolts for a few quid if it's too difficult just go to a few differnet tire places they should be it for you for around a tenner

    and I don't think anyone's gonna come to nick the tires if they do it will be a the whole polo not just the tires
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