Found 27th Sep 2016
Put the key in ignition and try to start engine and nothing, makes a clicking noise until you turn ignition off. Anybody any ideas what it could be? I'm no expert could it be a dead battery thing is radio still works and lights and indicators

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Dead battery, not enough juice to start the car but enough juice for lights etc


As above, your battery needs replacing/jumping

Lights and radio need a lot less power than the starter motor. Try turning EVERTHING else off (lights/heater/radio etc..) so no power drain. If your car usually starts quick you may just have enough juice to turn over the motor...if it does take it for a decent 20-30min drive and it will put some juice back in the battery.
then you need to either find out what caused the battery drain (interior light/boot lid not shut is often a cause)
If battery doesn't hold charge though it probably need replacing.

Yes, sounds like flat battery, It's all about the amps.

Also have you changed keyfob battery? They sometimes have little immobilizer chips in them, often they fall out.

Did you leave lights on?.

If not then could be faulty battery, alternator or something else is draining it or short circuiting etc..

Starting to get colder weather now and it's usually when we notice batteries aren't holding charge as well as they should.

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The battery in the car has never been changed since I got the car in 2008, so could be its had its time

Also depends on the age of the car as it could be the starter motor and if my memory serves me well just stick the car into first and rock it back n forth then drop it into neutral and try again.

Not sure if this affects newer cars with all those new fangled electronics and EMS etc (and yes I'm old hehehehe)

Battery, if you can bump it in 2nd, get you to motor factors to replace the battery, winters coming so needs replacement

Get a battery at cheap price with free same delivery

tayna batteries are cheap if you can wait for delivery.

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Any good place to get them fitted?

Halfords would fit it for you but you would pay a lot more for the battery.
It is easy to change just a couple of connectors, Google changing a battery and the make and model of your car.

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Phoned my insurance company as I have breakdown cover with them. Fella came out and confirmed it was the battery. He said there was a Eurocarparts not far from where i live, went there got a battery and the breakdown fella fitted it for me. Now all sorted. Cheers for all the advice.
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as said in other replies preet certain it is battery to last that long 8 years with modern cars is doing well,go to eurocarparts usually 24 hour delivery if not confident of fitting it yourself if in breakdown club phone up say your car has packed up,when they turn up and tell you it is the battery,hey presto you happen to have one inside,they will fit it and job done,or if you have good neighbours or friends I am sure somebody will fit it for you it is only a 5 min job,hope that helps
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