Car windscreen frost cover setting off car alarm

Found 2nd Feb 2011
Can anyone on here explain why this cover keeps setting my car alarm off and if there is a way to prevent it happening, without the obvious answers of not using the alarm or the cover!!
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How is it fitted? Does it have loose ends inside the car? Does the alarm have internal motion sensors?
Sits loosely on screen held in place by tucking inside and closing front doors on it. No suckers or anything dangling inside.
So it has loose ends in the car. Does the alarm have internal motion sensors? If you have the air vents open then this may be creating enough of a draught to move the loose ends & set the alarm off.
Maybe there's a draught getting into the car. If your car alarm is triggered by air pressure changes then maybe that's what's doing it.
you may be covering your sensors as that would trigger your alarm. as some cars have sensors on the windscreen.
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