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Car windscreen water stopped working???

Posted 30th Dec 2009
Does anyone know about cars?

I have a peugeot 307 and my water suddenly stopped with the recent bad weather. It's now a lot milder but they still haven't re started. I've topped up the fluid......

Any other ideas????

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being a girl i'm not sure, but how about the fuse?
washer pump motor gone? :?
use a pin to clear the spray hole. probably blocked
Sounds like they still could be frozen.
i had the same issue and it was the motor
try spraying oil on it
if not it needs replacing
Mine did that once it was making a whirring noise but the tube had broken in the roof of the car and everytime I was trying to get it to work all I was doing was pumping more water into the roof of my car.:oops:
Does the pump still work when operate the lever (Can you hear it?) if not its either the fuse or the pump has failed. If you can hear it the jets are probably blocked and just clear them with a pin.
what did you top it up with? Hopefully, not just water lol
Your problem is here: peugeot

Your problem is here: peugeot



try adding some hot water to the screen wash basin leave it for a few minutes then try to spray...

if your spraying pump is gone then remember to use the blue screen wash liquid rather than just water as it can freeze and damage your spraying pump...:thumbsup:

if you want to be really certain it won't freeze in the future use the blue screen wash + a tiny bit of antifreeze...
lol. i filled it with screen wash (anti freeze version).

I don't think the haeds are blocked as neither front nor back work. Will go listen to see if it makes a noise.

Sounds expensive if the motor has gone :-(
haha then it's what Tanchi said...
The washer heads don't need to be blocked to stop the washer working, it might just be the plastic tubes coming from the washer motor. Lift the bonnet and clean a section (there should be two branching from a single tube), if there is black stuff inside then you could detach them from the connectors and run the motor, but the tubes are cheap, so it might be better to replace them. Two metres of the tube should only cost around £5 in a local car parts shop.

Also, for some reason some people put washingup liquid in the washer tank - not a clever idea!!! Have you seen the stuff on the nozzle of the washingup bottle after a few uses? That's what happens in the washer tubes too.
This is a common problem with the 307. The motor has most likely seized, ring your local peugot dealer, they will fix it for free whilst you wait. A friend of mine had his done today and they had 'fixed' 13 of them yesterday!
Jeepers, try the ******** fuse first as the first reply suggested!

If you try to use the wiper washer when its freezing, it blows the fuse, i think its a mini fuse you need 10 or 20 cant remember.
Get yourself a man

being a girl i'm not sure, but how about the fuse?

ahahha repped.
cant believe ******** is a swear word!
I'll find a man...... wouldn't know where the fuse was! lol

I'll find a man...... wouldn't know where the fuse was! lol

Just had a lightbulb moment....maybe the car is fine and its you thats broken :?

Are you sure you know how to switch on the windscreen washer jet? :?

Just saying
Lol.....Thanks. i'm bad but not that bad!!!!!
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