car wing mirror

does anyone know the cheapest place to buy electric wing mirrors? just had a nice foriegn lorry smash mine and its so close to xmas that i need it cheap, am in the process of going through google, any info would be fantastic, thank you.


claim off his insurance.

Might be worth having a look on ebay, my daughter got a replacement mirror unit for her Astra last year off there. Depends on exactly what you are after I suppose. Good luck.

phone your local scrap yards

ebay - I managed to get a cheap 2nd hand wing mirror for a local scrapyard that was adverising on ebay.

1. Local Scrappy
2. EBay
3. wingmirrorman.co.uk

Never dealerships.

I got my latest from Wingmirrorman (cover only) 70% cheaper than dealer, 20% cheaper than nearest price on E-bay. Good fast service and would use them again.

what car?
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