Caravan... best option to connect to internet, dongle?

Found 3rd Oct 2014
Going to a midweek caravan break. I will have my mobile phone but its not unlimited data. There is no wifi in caravan and theres only 1 wifi hotspot inside the complex.

I need to have internet access, What is the best way... buy a pay as you go dongle for my laptop? How much should i expect to pay and how long would i get? Also kids ipads is there a way i can connect off the dongle? (is it called tethering?)

Thanks in advance never had this dilema before lol
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rather than buy a dongle why not ring up your mobile operator first and ask how much it would cost to bolt on a data pack as a one off for this month you are on holiday. .... Might only be a few pounds for a big old lump of data.
You can create a mobile wifi hotspot with your mobile phone (tethering ) and use your data from the phone allowance . OK for normal internet use but racks up the data usage if used for streaming tele,vids etc (500mb/ hour). Try it at home first (switch off wifi router and try tethering your stuff to phones hotspot to check usage . Bear in mind you may not have a good enough phone signal where you're going to get decent internet connection.
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Can't you and the kids do without for a few days.....quality family time and all that ? oO
You might want to try something like this:


Example: argos.co.uk/sta…htm
A dilemma, can't survive a couple of days without permanent WiFi? Unbelievable. oO
oh dear cant the slaters think outside the box... I need it for work not for social browsing. Thank you to everyone who has offered genuine advice
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