Posted 12th Jan 2023 (Posted 21 h, 32 m ago)
I understand carbon steel wok's are most probably the best option, but they take some looking after. Can anyone vouch for them, interested if they've been worth the effort of creating a 'patina' over time, and if did still use the dishwasher for them..

Thank you for thoughts!
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    My question to you would be, why do you need a wok? If you are cooking at home, a wok is not ideal.

    If you have an electric stove a wok would be practically useless. If you have a gas burner, even with the heat on full, the flames would not heat the sides enough to be effective. Woks were designed initially for large, open, fire/log burning stoves then large 30+ nozzle commercial burners.

    We are Chinese and we don't even have a wok in our house. We tend to just use cast iron pans or non-stick.

    In order to get some of 'wok-effect', we cook in smaller batches with a very hot pan.
    I like the shape, but the main factor was ease of cleaning now I have to think about health implications too, and well what a headache that is! I just want something easy to cook in, clean and still not be poisoning anyone
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    Steel I'd not put in dishwasher.
    Needs burnt on oil to protect.

    Some can't cope with that as like it clean
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    Many years ago I did an Indian Cookery course taught by an Indian lady. She brought her own electric wok in to the class to demonstrate the cooking of a curry. She was asked about cooking equipment/utensils and advised that a most Indian domestic cooks would love non stick pans if they could afford them - and that carbon steel cookware added nothing to the flavour but were popular just due to the low cost.
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    Carbon steel, but not one of those cheap non stuck ones, one you actually have to season to make it kind of non stick
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    I would go for stainless steel over carbon. I wouldn't put mine in a dish washer. There seems to be a lot of people looking for alternatives to non stick recently. Cast iron is also an option if that's within your budget. I've had one of my stainless steel pots years now and yes sometimes it may stick depending on what your cooking but it's not a chore to clean really.
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    Always been partial to ceramic pans myself, non-stick but they do scratch
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