Card CD player with MP3 playback (SD card slot!?) for Seat Leon (must be black/red!)

Found 30th Sep 2008

Despite being completely 100% happy with the way my current unit sounds, the lack of MP3 support is becoming a real problem now, so I want to change it.

I'm just wondering if anyone could recommend something that:

1. Looks in keeping with the rest of the dash, so it absolutely has to be black with subtle red lighting.

2. Plays MP3s. From a CD is fine if that's all I can get on a player that looks good, but ideally from a USB stick or one with an SD card slot (or similar) would be awesome.

... that's about it I think, added functionality like bluetooth and iPod support would be nice but not at all essential.

I have no real budget limits but I am not and audiophille and am saving for a house, so something that represents the best value (looks and MP3 playback are the most important things to me) would be ace.

Cheers guys
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CARD! I meant car... if a mod reads this and has the chance to edit the title I'd really appreciate that, thank you
Quick bump just in case anyone's wondering what the hell a Card CD player is and not clicking the title D:
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