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Meh, I got a new card a few weeks back from halifax. . Halifax have this new payment system which means you have to put your deposits in an envolope and put them in the wall by 4PM for it to be processed the same day. Anyway I wanted to buy a few shirts with my birthday money and put £40 in today at 3.50PM So there was clearly 10 minutes until they put the money on poeples accounts. Anyway At 8 tonight i thought i'd order my items..

I put my new card details in, double, and treble checked

And i just went to check now and my card has been declined. I'm not really sure why, The only reason I can think of is, they emptied the letterbox bin for the deposits early. But wouldnt that be going against their own agreement?

Do you guys have any other ideas, because as you can guess i'm pretty peed off because i really wanted to order them tonight

I put the order through again and im hoping theres a different outcome. If not i'll have to spend £2 to get into town and sort this mess out

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Aha, declined again. Reckon i should ring halifax up now?

[I'm not sure i have telephone banking]

ring them

whats the worse that can happen

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I've always used electron with its just a new card with a different card number.

i have a visa electron,

Have you activated the card?

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What do you mean activated?

When i received my card, I had to ring up the bank to activate
Its so the bank can check make sure that you have received the card

I'm assuming you'll have to wait till tomorrow, from sound of it they just havent credited your acount yet.

This may be because they emptied the slot early (which I doubt) or just something in the system making it go slow. Just like how my wages don't go in at midnight they get to my bank account at a random time in the middle of the night. Just one of them things.

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Paws, do you reckon i should ring and ask them?

Least they can do is tell me to go away xD

Perhaps they haven't emptied the machine yet...:?

Why not wait for an extra day...try again tomorrow! :thumbsup:

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I think im gonna move banks soon anyway, Halifax are too complicated now. I mean we can't even put money in over the counter now. [Unless you have like £1,000+ going int oyour account a month]

I have had visa electrons (aka the card cash) cards from halifax up until about a month ago when I finally figured I may as well get a norm visa and have had similar things happen. (one of reasons for going visa was so i could deposit cash at a teller instead of machine)

Because I personally hate waiting around on the phone I wouldn't ring, since I bet if you ordered of play before 4ish tomorrow you'd get same delivery date as today. Then if its not there tomorrow I'd kick off. However if you really wanna ring thats upto you.

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Rang up, almost instant answer, Woman was friendly she looked into it for me and said as far as she's concerned theres no money been put into the account today. She sent an email to my main branch informing them and she said the money should be in my account just after 9am if i put in in the payin box today.

If it's not in by 12 i need to ring back and they'll get in touch with my branch

But if its not in just after 9 i'll go into town and sort it out with them

and i thought i was impatient...

to t0mm's post below mine, ok sorry i didn't understand you were worried it may have been online fraud.

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Its not impatient that comes into this really. It clearly states in the bank, If put in the payin box before 4pm will be processed and onto your card the same day. I put it in a good 10-15minutes before 4pm

All i really wanted to be clear of was, online fraud, because i havent done a virus scan in god knows how long, and its just my luck to have a trojan.

hahaha @ expecting a bank to credit you in 10 minutes

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No. I was expecting them to credit me the same day, if you listen *ALL PAYMENTS PAID IN THROUGH THE PAYIN SLOT BEFORE 4.00PM WILL BE PROCESSED THE SAME DAY*
Be it 6pm or 8pm when they do it, i didnt even order it until 8 to give them time.

i wouldn't have counted on it to be honest, its like mail boxes... it may say collection at 5pm, but lets be honest, its not going to be exactly 5pm, its when the postman gets there.


i wouldn't have counted on it to be honest, its like mail boxes... it may … i wouldn't have counted on it to be honest, its like mail boxes... it may say collection at 5pm, but lets be honest, its not going to be exactly 5pm, its when the postman gets there.

I have a postbox in my street and collection says 5.45 pm and at 5.45 pm every day the postvan arrives.You can set your watch by it.

i'll admit thats something i've never done. there have been cases where however i got to the RM depot and the man was emptying the post 15 minutes early.
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