Card paying problems today!

    So did anyone else have a problem paying for anything today? I for one did in yo sushi and got a nice 45% discount from the manager after having to wait for 30mins and spending the last bit of cash i had in my wallet!…962


    Yeah in Morrisons earlier, all manual card payments

    Think of us poor checkout workers, I work in Sainsbury's & it was mental around 2pm the payment system decided to go down for like 45minutes(longer than BBC say). We had big queues for the cash machines. Started off going slow then just started declining cards!!


    Oh I bet you were pleased to finish work today then.

    Yes I was!

    i was in Sainsburys and it only came to nine pounds but card was declined, they asked me for cash, I had about 5.50 thats all but they said that will do, RESULT

    Original Poster

    Yeah people were just offering Yo Sushi whatever they had and they were taking it, the problem was for at least 3-40 mins before we sorted our bill though people were still there sorting it out.
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