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Found 20th May
My son is setting up his own business, high end car valeting (he's got the full auto-glym accreditation, and has several years experience doing this 'employed') however for larger payments he's going to need to be able to take card payments.
I know many people on here are self employed, so any advice on where to go, costs and pit-falls would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Firstly, congratulations to your son. These days you don’t need a very expensive card machine. You can get portable ones like izettle. They are £30 and support Apple Pay and contactless etc. Might be worth looking into. Haven’t used one my self. Just get an iPad to monitor transactions etc. Hope that helps
My window cleaner has set up with gocardless of that helps
I use Sumup - £20 for the reader, 1.69% fees, 2-3 days into your bank.
Thanks guys, I will pass these on to my son too follow up.
The company I work for uses sumup, haven't took mine out the box but no one else has had issues
Most popular options without an obligatory monthly fee tend to be izettle, SumUp, PayPal Here. All are around £35 for the hardware or £25 inc VAT when on offer, although all three normally claim silly "original price" of around £59. SumUp tends to have cheapest transaction fees but only by the absolute smallest of margins from izettle's 1.7%; Paypal Here fees start at 2.75%. HUKD members' comments on most recent deals for these options can be read at these threads:…155…896…951
Congrats for your son’s new business - weird enough a friend told me on Friday how high end valeting is a really good money-earner esp in big cities such as Laaandon. If you are ultra good you get all the Russians and Arabs who pay good money for keep their McLarens shinely.

Like others said perhaps PayPal plus Apple Pay might be a good easy start for card payments but be careful they tend be more payer biased so do look at the guidelines of their payment protection policy as a seller (of service).

Like my immediate posters above - there should be a few cheap physical card readers for transacting cards too with a few % fees that shouldnt cost a bomb to set up but just to start it off at least

Good luck!

Good luck
I use PayPal me card machine
Simple and easy for those paying same day and not on account
Square is worth taking a look at
Dog threw up in the back of the car today, can you send him round here? If he hasn't got a machine yet I'll pay him cash!
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Dog threw up in the back of the car today, can you send him round here? If …Dog threw up in the back of the car today, can you send him round here? If he hasn't got a machine yet I'll pay him cash!

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i detest cleaning the car. I'm too small to do the roof and I l ive in a new build and there is dust and mud everywhere. Maybe he could target houses like mine in the way windowcleaners do. I've a lovely car and every time I take it for a service I'm afraid they'll take it off me for car abuse and put it in protective custody
I got sumup for £19+VAT
the major advantage being you can take payments over the phone
other than the cost of the machine and the fees, there are few other differences i can see between the other options on the market
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