card sharing


    Anyone do card sharing? Any recommend it or and providers?



    A bit ambiguous ? oO What do you mean by card ?

    Sure you can share your credit card with me pal. Sent me Long number, expiry and 3 digits on the back pal

    I do this a lot at work but less so with family...saves having to buy more than one birthday card....

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    A bit ambiguous ? oO What do you mean by card ?

    If you know. You know.

    Didn't think there were many card sharing schemes still going with the rise of Kodi and similar boxes etc.

    I'd be very surprised if hukd allowed discussion of card sharing schemes - given that its all piracy

    techkings forums will give you all the answers you need.

    Still prefer this method (for sky) to kodi add-ons. I pay £30 for 12 months sub.

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