Cardboard cops to help combat crime

    LIFESIZE cut-outs of police are being used as part of a campaign to tackle car crime during the Christmas shopping period.

    Shopsafe - Operation Welton, is a partnership between police, Wirral Chamber of Commerce and local businesses which targets busy shopping areas and car parks.

    It uses high-visibility police patrols and funding for the cutouts came from Mid-Wirral Crime Prevention Panel.

    It was launched at Asda in Bromborough on Monday morning and is called Operation Welton after the road that runs through the industrial estate on the A41.

    The operation will also cover shopping areas in Bebington and New Ferry.

    Neighbourhood Inspector Andy Wise said: We want to make it hard for anybody to take your property.


    Probably more useful than the real thing............

    imagine the confusion in asda if they'd got the cut outs mixed up......

    Old news, they've been used for years.

    this is how the term 'real policing' came about
    the figures ]cost £100 to put together ...

    They have even tried cardboard cutout cars for putting on flyovers a few years back .
    Makes sence really with the high running costs and price of fuel !
    In my town the coppers pretend to be cardboard cutouts in any case .
    Yes , I would like to see more cardboard cutouts on the beat !

    Original Poster

    Someone will just start robbing the cut outs :giggle:
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