Cardiff To London - Day Return - Split Ticket

    I'm wanting to travel to London for a friends birthday this Saturday.

    It seems the cheaper ticket price has now gone, so I wondered if anyone knew of ways to cut the costs down?

    I don't have any railcards.

    Has anyone found ways to travel cheaper by splitting the journey up on this route?

    Cheapest normal (2 singles) is £32 each way.


    my daughter goes to Newport and gets the bus it is so cheap fro m Newport

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    Thanks, the prices seem a lot better by coach but I can't bear buses so not sure I could sit on a coach for that long is CHEAP if you don't like buses then pay your 32 each way

    off-peak day return to cardiff-swindon £17.90
    super off-peak return swindon-london £39.00
    which i make £56.90 in total assuming you don't have a railcard

    book it through south west trains and earn a whopping 2.6% cashback with quidco
    and you need to make sure your train stops at swindon
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    or split at swindon AND reading....
    cardiff to swindon return £10.70
    swindon to reading return £21.00
    reading to london return £16.00
    £47.70 total return

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    or split at swindon AND reading....cardiff to swindon return … or split at swindon AND reading....cardiff to swindon return £10.70swindon to reading return £21.00reading to london return £16.00£47.70 total return

    Thank You
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