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so what's the difference between reporting it lost and stolen getting new card and replacement card service and getting new card,

is it because if you report it and money gone out your safe , but if you lost it and just got replacement card, even tho ya get anew card, your not safe if money's gone out.
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Pretty much. The card provider also puts the card number on alert if it has been stolen.
You can reactivate a card if lost and found by yourself. Report stollen locks it for good I thought
good to no, i lost one of my cards but i no it in house , somewhere, to report it lost i have to call up but replace just click button
Replace = you have it but damaged / broken/ split , they will send you a replacement . Lost /stolen = maybe in someone elses hands will be cancelled .
I lost my bank card in the house. Phoned the bank who issued a replaacement but kept my other card acive for as long as possible as i had some re-occuting payments on it.

Report it stolen or lost outside of house bank will completlynblock the card from any use.
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