Care with B&Q credit notes

Posted 11th Jun 2014
I popped into the Stevenage B&Q store recently to buy
something and I thought I would use a Credit note I had previously been given BUT I was told I could not use it because it wasn't the credit note it was just the receipt for a purchase I had used previously using the credit note.

I emailed B&Q asking how would I go about getting the credit to the value of back and I got this as my reply ...

...... I apologise for the delay in our response to you. I am sorry to hear you have had cause to contact us regarding your credit note. B&Q strive to provide our customers with the highest quality service and I apologise if you feel we have let you down on this occasion. Whilst I understand your frustration and gather this may not be the response you were hoping for, credit notes are treated like cash and when they are lost there is no way of us tracing the remaining amount. I appreciate you for taking the time to bring this to our attention;

As you can appreciate I wasn't best pleased with their reply so I emailed back with the following

.... Unfortunately it wasn't what I wanted to hear and as such I feel I must take this matter further as -

* At no point was I told of the importance of the Credit Note, (you are the only company I know that issues credit notes, I really didn't know how limited they are) I honestly don't even remember getting one with the receipt.

* Why do your credit notes look very similar to your receipts (sorry as I don't remember what the credit note looked like I can only assume it looked very similar to the receipt (which I still have). Most other high street shops either reimburse using "cash" or by issuing a gift card. Why does B&Q use a paper receipt.

* A company of B&Q size should have the duty put upon them to ensure that they can trace what is left on any lost credit notes, or if they can't then they should change the way they reimburse customers.

You state "we would not be able to assist you any further" so I would be grateful if you can tell me whether there is a body that oversees your industry such as a regulator or whether I should take this to trading standards.

B& Q came back confirming they won't budge.....

The moral of all of this is just be really careful with B&Q Credit notes ... make sure you get given one and not just the receipt ... makes you wonder how many other people have been caught out.

Anyhow's just a heads up.
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