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    Anyone know any good forums to go to for advice? I'm 19 and recently finished A Levels, if that helps.



    What do you want to do ?

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    Well initially it was medical school, but one grade wasn't exactly where it should have been :x and after some research realistically my chances of getting into a Med school were pretty slim.

    I'm still reasonably sure I want something in the medical area, I was looking at radiographer and also biomedical scientist.

    I've got quite good A levels (I think...) at ABC.

    Just random at the end - I've always had quite an interest in business, and general money making :thumbsup: who doesn't :-D however I really don't want to go to uni just to do business, as it has such a reputation for being a nothing course, or at least that's the impression I get, could be completely wrong.

    Any thoughts on what I have said so far?

    Try an apprentership. There are lots of types about and it gets you into your first job. you can experience something you might not of thought about.

    Plus it only lasts a few months (or a couple of years if you like it) so if it's something you don't want to be stuck in... you can stick it for a bit or find something new


    Anyone know any good forums to go to for advice? I'm 19 and recently … Anyone know any good forums to go to for advice? I'm 19 and recently finished A Levels, if that helps.Cheers

    With A levels go uni - i left after my as levels and have only had 2 months of work its really hard now

    Good luck with the job hunt

    p.s if you wanted to go med school and didnt get in id say take a nursing course at college and become a nurse - if you were interested in that area the job is hands on and you get to work in all areas

    I started a Degree in Biomedical Science and got the hell out during Second year.

    Might just be the situation here, but theres no jobs with it.
    By luck the Gf knows 2 people that did it, 1 couldnt get a job and the other couldnt get a job so did a 2nd degree.
    Most my mates in the course took the same decision as i did, especially with the post-grads coming in setting up labs and moaning their only job prospects was with their masters.

    Personally i would avoid it

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    Thanks for all the advice, I wouldn't disregard an apprenticeship, to be honest, apart from the obvious trades, I don't know a great deal that can be done on an apprenticeship - would have to research.

    The info about biomedical science is very interesting, anyone got anything on radiography?


    tbh an apprenticeship is a lot better than University nowadays.
    The amount of people leave Uni and just cant get jobs is ridiculous.

    One of my mates that was on the Biomedical Degree is away home to Carlisle to do Radiography.
    Not really sure about what it involves, its a lot different to Biomed though as he has to sit alll the work even though he completed 2 1/2yrs of the other.

    Its worth checking out the job prospects before deciding on anything though.

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    I think radiography would be a good bet with career prospects, as there is a shortage atm I believe. However I don't want to become to fixed on one thing, as its only something I have considered recently, which is why I am also open to other suggestions :-D

    i think you should go to your local careers office for advice, im presuming you now have to take a gap year anyway even if you did want to go to med school as it sounds like you have the a levels but no uni place. there still might be time to go through clearing. it's not a 'nothing degree' to have a business degree, as with most degrees the point is to show any prospective employer you have the skills required to complete the degree, and your brain is geared towards your particular subject. have you thought about working for this year and then resitting exams in jan to get the B and C up to the AA you would probably need for med school? go to connexions theyll help you a lot. but the longer you wait the less choices you will have.
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