Careful What You Wish For

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Found 8th Jun 2008
Careful What You Wish For ..........

.A married couple, in their early 60s, was celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary at a quiet, romantic little restaurant.

Suddenly, a tiny beautiful Fairy appeared on their table. She said: "For being such an exemplary married couple and especially for being so thoughtful and loving to each other for all this time, I will grant you each a wish."

"Oh, said the wife, I want to travel around the World with my darling husband"

The fairy waved her magic wand; and -- poof! -- two tickets for the Queen Mary II luxury liner and Ten Thousand Pounds appeared in her hands.

Then it was the husband's turn.

He thought for a minute and said: "Well, this is all very romantic, but an opportunity like this will never come again. So I'm going with my mind and not my Heart. "

"I'm sorry my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30 years younger than me."

The wife and the Fairy were shocked and disappointed. But a wish is a wish.

So, the Fairy waved her magic wand, and - Poof! -- the husband became 92 years old.

The Moral of the story :

Men who are ungrateful husbands should remember; ........Fairies are Female

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