Groups - has anybody booked car hire through them before?


    Can anybody recommend them who may have used them before to hire a car please!!

    I am shopping around online for carhire but am wary of the extra charges you can pay at the desk when you get there. I want the extra insurance that reimburses any excess if the car is damaged. I seem to have found a good quote on the above site but I can't see much info about this extra insurance which they call Drive FTI!! When I click the link to read terms and conditions about this it is all in German! I did call them and was told the broker is a German company but surely you cannot agree to something without reading it in English!

    I called then but the guy I spoke to there wasn't much help and said it should be in English on the website!

    Any advice would be much appreciated!



    Try ECH - economy car hire they are great cheapest I have ever found

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    Thanks octobergirl - I got a quote from them but booked with carhire3000 through quidco in the end as it was cheapest!
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