Carling NowTV - box needed?

    Hello all. I have bought boxes of Carling to take advantage of the new free NowTV offer. I have the codes for a few days and a couple of weeks. Thing is, it's not clear to me whether I need to buy a NowTV box as well, or not? I think you had to last time this was run, which is why I am confused. We have sky already but don't want to have to subscribe to sports, just for the NFL playoffs that we want to use the passes for.
    Thanks for the advice!


    no, you can use it to view through your PC for example, or the app (iOS, android, PS3)
    i had trouble connecting my box to wifi so watched through PS3 last year

    and of course web browser if you have pc/laptop

    you can download the app on to multiple devices and watch through them.

    mines set up on my ps3 but one account can be linked to a max of 4 devices. so i have it on my ps3 and tablet and my brother has access to it on his ps3 at his place

    You can use the NOWTV app on Xbox 360 as well.

    Anyone who is k8nd enough to share nowtv with occasional user, plz pm me.
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