carp fishing gear

    anyone know where to get big discounts? or where i can grab bargains online or anything???

    im starting from scratch so need alot of gear thanks


    great sport,i love carp fishing. Erm theres loads of online retailers,but not many of them are cheap.

    Are you on a budget,if so if you buy some of the carp magazines. total carp,advanced carp fishing etc etc,then there might be a page in there advertising a big warehouse supermarket,something like bowlers. That on a few times a year, should be soon as it coming to summer. If you go to that,thats where you find ALOT of crazy prices.

    Sign up to CARP.COM newsletter,there might be a mention of it in there.

    Whatever you do stay away from

    DRAGON CARP brands

    Original Poster

    nice one for the advice m8!!

    i have a m8 whos well in to his carp fishing which is a bonus not to get stung by the carp companys ect, ive got a few of his old mags and found some places but gonna buy a newer one to have a look at also

    thanks for the website newsletter m8!!

    no probs m8,its a great sport,especially when you get into it properly,organise a few nighters, (night fishing) with ya fishing m8,thats the best time to carp fish.

    Go via quidco for 20% off your 1st order at ] You have to select UK flag & GBP unless you can understand Swedish.

    England angling are quite good as you can get free postage on everything except bait & the prices are good as well. And if you find it cheaper he will usually price match.
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