Found 16th Jun 2009
Had new carpet fitted at home few weeks ago. Its a twist pile carpet and is continuously shedding fibres. Was told by the company that it will settle down soon however, to our dismay the shedding is getting worse. Every single room fills up the entire Dyson cylinder after 3 weeks of laying.

The company still says all is normal, claiming to have heard similar stories from 100s of customers before (but didnt bother to mention before purchase) and the shedding will stop eventually.

Wondering if anyone here have had similar issues or know more about this problem.. Thanks in advance

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Dysons always do this, as they powerful as even though your carper letting fibres off the Dyson just makes it look 10x worse!!! :thumbsup:

yeah i bought an off cut for a spare room which was the same took around 4-6weeks to calm down, and then was still getting bits now and again after about 8-10weeks! its annoying, and just try not to over hoover the carpet as that can wear it down even more so i was told when its first laid


That is also a very good point as they get right into the pile to shift … That is also a very good point as they get right into the pile to shift the dirt so they do make it look worse:thumbsup:

yeah my mums dyson does exactly the same, weve got a miele which just seems to enjoy lifting the carpet sometimes! Thus why i try not to put a new bag in it too often!

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Thanks for the info guys

Worryingly 2 of us in the house have allergies... I did mention this while selecting the carpet. And Dyson really sucks ... lol
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