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Found 6th Jan 2010
On the off chance...!!

We have just bought a big roll of carpet from Carpet Right for a tenner - bargain! We want to turn it into a carpet runner for our stairs and use the rest to carpet the landing. Does anyone know of anywhere that would bind the carpet for me so I can put it straight down on the stairs myself?

I realise this is quite specialised, but I can't seem to find many places on the net, and the ones I have are miles away from me and don't offer a delivery/collection service.

I live in Burton-on-Trent in the Midlands.
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try a local indepent carpet shop. but it can be expensive to do this.

or get balls off wool and darning needle and double the wool up through the needle so you have four strands and , do runner your self for around a fiver, took me 2 nights to do our stair runner, its 13 stairs and it looks just as good as they do on whiping machine
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