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    Anyone know the best place to get best deal on a carpet with underlay and fitting for decent price for stairs and landing


    SCS just did ours yesterday, carpet was £23 per sq. m down to £11.99 and the underlay was reasonably priced as well as they give you the basic underlay free or knock the price of that off the other stuff.

    Fitting was £110 for a dining room that's 4m square and a hall, stairs and landing. All in all it was around £700

    Its all a bit of a con with carpets when they say discounted 60% off etc. they all seem to give the hard sell and say discounts are ending soon. You might pay £11.99 but in reality you will get £11.99 worth of carpet.
    If you want the good underlay it can cost 11.99 per m2 alone, from highstreet shops

    I found out its best to visit and choose your carpet from one of the a main highstreet shops SCS, Carpetright etc. and look through the prices and quality you want - once you choose, try to bargain price with fitting and let them presume you need underlay and grippers.

    But buy the underlay and gripper rods yourself, thats a huge selling point for them and they make a massive markup when you can buy a huge roll of the really good underlay really cheap.
    Cloud 9 is well know brand, much better than cheaper alternatives that they will try and fogg you off with.
    You can buy a roll 15m2 for £50 including delivery (£3.33 per m2) on ebay - iv had shops quote me £15 per m2 for same underlay.

    Also good quality grippers 60 m2 including delivery for £16.99 on ebay, or cheaper for smaller quantities,
    They will try and charge a few pounds per m2. Another huge saving
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