Carpet or Laminate?

    im moving house in the next couple of weeks and i will be putting my 10month old daughter in her own room for the first time, i cant decide which is better to have in her room, carpet or laminate. i was going to get pink or lilac carpet, but then laminate would be better for when shes older if she spills anything on it etc, what flooring do you have in your kids room or what would you recommend. thanks


    I have carpet in all the bedrooms, laminate, solid wood or tiles everywhere else. I don't know why, just like to feel a bit warmer underfoot in the bedroomy areas! Nicer for kids to play on too, I hate sitting on the hard floors...

    laminate, shes still got potty training to go and will undoubtably be accidents

    ^^^ This
    Laminate is horrible imo either a true wood floor or carpet, carpets now can be 'bleach proof' and i would definitely think this would be better in a childs bedroom :-)

    We got all our wooden flooring taken out in January this year - was fed up of the cold feeling. Love the carpets and wont go back to wooden flooring - plus our poor dog was forever flying all over the wooden flooring

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    im more for the carpet as i was looking forward to making her room pink and girly lol then i spotted some laminate in BnQ today and my partner seems to think that would be better and cheaper.

    carpet holds dust and mites

    We have wood throughout. Mainly cos 5 out of 7 of us have asthma.
    But wooden flooring is so much more hygenic anyway.


    Carpet all the way. It keeps the room warmer and reduces sound/echo in … Carpet all the way. It keeps the room warmer and reduces sound/echo in the room. Also watching toddlers start to play/walk/climb always feels much safer when they have a nice thick carpet underneath instead of a solid floor.

    yeah I agree with you, we have all carpet, my mate has laminate & apart from being cold underfoot its noisy as well.


    We have wood throughout. Mainly cos 5 out of 7 of us have asthma.But … We have wood throughout. Mainly cos 5 out of 7 of us have asthma.But wooden flooring is so much more hygenic anyway.


    only our stairs have carpet and thats only because i am too lazy to strip the wood back and varnish them

    We have solid wood floors and they feel nice and warm to me. There are no gaps between the boards which I think makes quite a difference. I wouldn't opt for laminate as that is probably the most easy to damage out of the three. I agree that wood is nice and easy to keep clean, and also I think it looks great. If you put a not-too-expensive carpet in now while she is learning to walk etc, you could always change to wood at some point in the future, but personally I would go for wood with a big rug, then you can have the best of both worlds.


    Laminate is cold.

    I hate it in my bedroom.

    Just changed from carpet to wooden flooring in front room, daughter has original tiles but will be putting wooden flooring down next but only because she suffers really bad with excema and carpets irritate her skin

    I would always go for carpet for the good reasons already ^^^^.

    For a bedroom, it doesn't have to be the best quality and you can replace it quite easily after a couple of years.

    carpet :-)

    i think carpet as she can play and also if she has a fall then it won't hurt as much

    laminate as it helps discourage any allergies :-) you might not even know you/she/or anyone has! :-)
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