Carpet Stain Remover, Anyone recommend anything?

    Got a cream carpet (as you do) and its dark in places just wondered what i can use with a bit of elbow grease?


    You know in asda where they rent the rug doctor. Well they will asell you the cleaning fluid without the machine.
    We found it very good. They have a spray on spot remover too which is excellent.:thumbsup:
    It was much better than 1001 and all that.

    I Have Cream Carper Too Bought Several Foams As My Wee Puppy Likes To Leave A Mark When He Escapes Upstairs - The Best Think I Have Found And Was Only Last Week Is A Jml Product With A Speacial Sponge It Took Out The Accident And Also Removed Previous Stains Others Have Failed To - Im Not Sure Of The Name But I Think My Husband Bought It In Instores - Its Jml

    Have a look at these reviews. I've found Vanish, Ozclean and 1001 products very good in the past (see my avatar!)…er/

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    thanks i think im gonna give this 1001 a whirl and see how we get on seeing as theres no asda within 10 miles of me, were dominated by tescos!

    I think the best option is to keep on top of it so to speak!

    I'm always spot cleaning with Astonish carpet & upholstery cleaner.

    depending on what the carpet is made of, and what the stain is will depend on what product to use.

    i find just a tiny bit of dluted biological washing liquid (like for clothes) is enough to remove most stains!

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