Found 26th Apr 2010
I am after some tape to put over some cables that trail over my carpet. Is there a particular type/brand thats good or that someone can recommend please ?.

Needs to cover cables, stay stuck down, take people walking over it, attacks from the cat and hover.

or if someone can offer a different solution. Mainly need to cover a lamp cable and some speaker cables. Tired of tripping over them a night. I don't particularly want to put under the carpet and cut up mid room as I may want to move the furnitures placement. and thus moving the cables.



cant you tack them to the skirting board? around the room, rather than across it

Best of with ]THIS as keeps it secure and wont damage carpet.

you do not want people walking on them as no tape made will protect them from that. You may find that putting a power cable under a carpet is a fire risk. Put a conduit round the skirting to protect them. There are flat cables for speakers available especially for placing under carpet

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I currently have the cables on the skirting as far as they can go. The lamp and speakers then move away from the wall and move towards the center of the room.

looked at the protector, as I need 3 it just seems to much cost for poor old me.

Thanks though both.


Best of with ]THIS as keeps it secure and wont damage carpet.

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I just wish I had the money to spend on those channel protectors but I currently done. Taking donations now. Send a a post card to ......:P

Is there something like a industrial tape ?. Very sticky and tough?. I imagine duct tape but stronger. Not like the areas the cables come out are "heavy traffic" areas. I just want everything to be secure and safe for that one time someone decides to walk near them.
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