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Found 4th Nov 2007
My Mom is ready to change the living room carpet - after almost 15 years!! - She popped into Carpet Right yesterday and got quoted just over a £1000 not including fitting and the like.

Can anyone suggest how to save on this price? She wants really good lasting carpet but not at that price!

Also for the measurements she mentioned (24 by 13 ) is the figure quoted reasonable? I have no clue but just think it seems a tad excessive!
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Try one of the "Carpet Barn" type places that sells ends-of-rolls. Sometimes they'll have the same stuff that Carpet Right are selling etc.

If you are near Wiltshire try the shopping village in Wilton. They have a factory outlet store there.

The price works out just under £30 per square metre which should buy you a very good quality of carpet that should last a loong time.

Do you happen to know the brand of the carpet, whether it's woven or not etc? That'll give us a better idea of the quality.

Be warned that a lot of carpet shops often make most of their profit on fitting, underlay and stuff. Get a quote from an independant fitter to see if it's worth getting the store to fit.
Thanks Andy. Will find out more details and get back in here. Will also mention the factory warehouse idea which I hadn't thought of. She lives in Surrey so Wiltshire might be a bit of a push but will look online for anywhere else close by.
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