Carpet...which is the best and for that matter what about underlay

Found 2nd Jan 2013
Ok so ive just had the carpet right guy leave. Hes quoted me £1150 for me 5 x 8.1 front room for everything all in inc disposal of old carpet.

Now the carpet he quoted me on was 16 a sqm for 100% poly now and recycled 12m underlay as he said rubber they dont do any more as it breaks up or something.

i dunno im looking for the best quality carpet i can get and underlay but i really have no clue what is the best type of carpet ...100% wool or 100% poly and what underlay should i be getting.

Any advice would be welcome
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get 12mm underlay from ebay as it is cheaper

get 12mm underlay from ebay as it is cheaper

what kind of underlay?
underlay is more important than the carpet, cannot stress this enough. also where carpet retailers make a lot of markup. got some cloud 9 cumulus off ebay with a deep pile carpet and always get nice comments about it.
I'm lost for words...
"Underlay! Underlay!", cried the Mexican carpet fitter.

thanks thats the underlay sorted now anybody got any advice about the carpet on whats the best type to go for is 100% wool the best?
Too many preferences to sort out - synthetics are easier to clean and remove stains, wool isn't, wool is however very hard wearing. I'd prefer a deep pile synthetic, but can't, as we have young kids, so we're keeping the hardwood floor down.
go and look at stainmaster carpets with a long guarantee. or as said by moob you could probably get a longer guarantee on a wool carpet but depending what the substance is a stain could ruin it. though a stainmaster carpet is not foolproof.

berber and wilton are highly regarded but if you have a guarantee and buy from a reputable(/stable) retailer you should be fine with whatever you like best for your criteria.
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Seems expensive to me.

When choosing a carpet make sure you concider how long you might stay in the current home. If it's just 2-3 year get something hardwaring but cheap £5 a yard. If you plan to stay 10 years it's worth paying more.

Get a sample stick down on th efloor by the sofa for a week or so, place your coffee cups on it and see how it stands up. Even some scotchguairds leave a nasty stain even when water is spillt on them. Get a pattern to hide marks or plane for impact not the other way around trust me !
That quote sounds a lot for the size of room. Where are you? Some good places in Glasgow.
seems very expensive to me too my brother is having lounge hall stairs and landing and 1 bedroom done good quality carper for about £700

seems very expensive to me too my brother is having lounge hall stairs … seems very expensive to me too my brother is having lounge hall stairs and landing and 1 bedroom done good quality carper for about £700

Yes but carper is cheaper than carpet so you can't really compare the two.oO
My advice - choose the carpet you want (trawl the local shops, take samples home, etc), when you have a brand in mind look on the internet, then get quotes from carpet fitters on CheckaTrade.
We had a good quality poly fitted recently - local shop wanted £19/m2 plus £80 underlay and £85 fitting for a 11m2 room.
I ordered the same carpet from floor-site.com/ind…php for £16/m2 including 11mm underlay and got it fitted for £60. Delivered in about three days.
As for wool vs poly, largely depends on budget but high end poly carpet should last longer than low end wool and most high end poly will have stain protection.
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Thanks for the feedback guys some good advice.

"Underlay! Underlay!", cried the Mexican carpet fitter.Lol

80wool 20nylon mix is usually regarded as the best, twist piles or cords best for hard wearing areas such as hallways and **** piles, velvets or velours, etc for lounges and bedrooms.....
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