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    can anyone tell me if pay as you go mobiles from carphone warehouse are unlocked as when I asked in the shop his answer was I can't sell you one now.




    Yes there all unlocked

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    thanks thought so but wasn't 100%

    Why couldn't he sell you one?

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    I asked if the pay as go were unlocked because we could use top up till we had chance look at sim deals. either to stay with that sim or find a better deal for another sim . so he then said no you need to use top up for a few months before you can swap sims deal. and because you've mentioned this I can not sell it to you but I can sell sim free (which you pay extra for) . hope this makes sense.

    That's what I got told last week went to another car phone shop next day and got one no problem

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    I just don't get it


    That's what I got told last week went to another car phone shop next day … That's what I got told last week went to another car phone shop next day and got one no problem

    Did you try the phone with two different sims to check it was fully unlocked?

    Someone people say their phones are locked these days and some say their not can anyone say a phone they brought recently from them worked with different sims cause I'm looking for a cheap phone myself

    Any apple phone you buy from them is only partially unlocked. They lock to the first sim inserted.

    As for android..... I'd find it very hard to believe they stock the same phones for each network. And I've not heard of an android locking to the first sim inserted like Apple phones do.

    Remember as well that if this did happen you'd still have scope to change. Ie ee still allows you to use life / plus net and bt. O2 allows giffgaff and tesco etc.

    They're all supplied unlocked baring the ripoff sheep phones that lock to the first sim inserted.

    They're subsidized by the networks hence why they push for particular networks.

    Just buy on the cheapest network and use your own sim.

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    thanks for all advice x

    Cheers for your help

    I think the main reason might be CPW must get a cut from each network and as a result you would be expected to use that network sim in the phone. The phone is still an unlocked and once you use the £10 top you bought you and ditch the sim and put any sim into your phone.... same phone different ways of selling discount to CPW pay and go V SIM free no kick back... smoke and mirrors stuff.

    mine was unlocked ready to put my 02 sim in I believe all phones now have to be unlocked
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