Carphone Warehouse £50 prepaid MasterCard

Posted 19th Jun 2020
Hi all,

Back in April I was looking to buy a Pixel 3a SIM free and was browsing the carphone warehouse site when there was a pop-up advert to get a £50 MasterCard with any sim free purchase. You had to put your email address in the pop-up, which I did, and I got an email straight away saying 'complete your order online using the link below to ensure you receive your voucher'. I followed the link back to carphone warehouse and purchased the phone and received it the next day.

The problem is I haven't heard anything about the offer since. There is an email address for support in their email 'If you have any questions or have not received your voucher 60 days after your purchase date, please contact' but I've emailed it 4 times with no reply.

Carphone warehouse seem to know nothing about it and the first line people say they'll escalate it but I never hear anything. Some research showed that giftcloud are either the parent company of awin or at least just fulfill their offers. But giftcloud just say to email the above address.

Did anybody else make a purchase from carphone warehouse with this offer?

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You know what’s going on atm right? A delay seems pretty acceptable
xtreme12319/06/2020 23:06

You know what’s going on atm right? A delay seems pretty acceptable

I mean almost everything else seems to be running close to normally - especially digital stuff like this. I just wondered if anybody else had bought from CPW with this offer and if they had heard anything.
I have exactly the same story as your. Bought pixel 3a about exactly 2 months ago. I emailed a MasterCard support email to make sure they know j had completed my order and received a reply saying yes but I sent an email in the last few days and have got no reply

Did you hear or receive anything??
I made a purchase during the same promotion but havent heard anything. I've emailed them but haven't heard anything back either.
Got my gift card without issues it came in as an email and claimed within 10 minutes after the 60 days.
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