Carphone Warehouse and free consoles with phones

Hi guys,

Has anyone had any experience with carphone warehouse and price plans which include a free gift, such as a PS3 or a Wii?

Are these offers worth it? For example you can get a price plan on Orange with a Sony Ericsson w810 and a free PS3 for £35 a month and that includes 500 mins and "unlimited" texts. Sounds a great deal, but is there a catch?

thanks a lot in advance.



I haven't gone for any of those offers before but I don't there is a catch. You're going to be paying £35 a month which comes to £420 on a 12 month contract, the PS3 costs £300, so Carphone Warehouse will be making £120, and by using the offer they will be able to attract a lot more people to their offer, thus making more profit than they would have without the offer.

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its £35 a month over 18 months, but you offset the free ps3 rrp £299 (yes I know its possible to get it a lot cheaper, but its free!) so actually its a pretty good deal, if you dont want an amazingly modern phone, the free mins and text appear excellent value, any more opinions?


I got one back in the day with a free Dreamcast.

Got the dreamcast within about 3weeks. No catches or anything.

Though that was a long time ago....

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anyone else want to comment? I need to know if anyone else has ever bought one of these deals and how you found it. thanks. M.


The only thing about these are they always say offer due to availability and as you dont get your gift till you have had your contract a few weeks its too late to send back should the free gift become unavailable
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