Carphone warehouse, any problems with contracts?

    Wanting to get an iphone 4. Currently with 02 and have always got my phones through them. I am due to to upgrade my contract but for the last 3 weeks I have not been able to get the phone in my local 02 shop. They say they have no stock and when i keep phoning on days they say they may have some arriving they seem to sell out or haven't received the stock.
    However the local carphone warehouse can give me a phone with an 02 contract. The price will be exactly the same.
    My worry is if I have a problem with the phone am i going to have any problems getting it sorted. I want to stay with 02 as we have had problems with others so I cant go for any current deals. We live in the countryside and 02 seem to give us the best reception. All 4 of us are now with 02.
    Anybody had any dealing good or bad with carphone warehouse?
    Thanks in advance.


    Never had a problem with Carphone Warehouse.

    Did O2/CPW offer you a discount on an iPhone 4 tarrif?
    My O2 contract ends in the next couple of days and looking for an iPhone

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    Thanks guys, no discount at all just what 02 were offering its simply that the two 02 shops in my local area never seem to have any in stock and CPW do. They wouldn't even throw in a cover or anything.
    I want to stay with 02 simply because they have the better coverage in my area.

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    Thanks will have to check extra charges just in case. I will give it another week for 02 to get the phones but after that CPW will have my money.
    Bit miffed with 02 really whilst i know its not there fault its annoying when you've been with them at least 5 years and they cant supply the phone. Still keep marketing it though. They have taken my telephone number but i dont think for one minute they will bother phoning me when they come in stock as people are probably going in everyday. I do also wonder if they would prefer to give them to new customers rather than existing ones.
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