Carphone Warehouse - better deal online or instore?

Posted 29th Dec 2019
Need a new phone and contract - shall I go online or instore?
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Take your old phone and go online whilst in the store
Go in store and if they don't offer you anything better take the deal you saw online?
Online provides opportunity for cashback, and 14 days cooling off period starting from receipt of kit.
In-store means tolerating some sales bull and not being able to escape from contract (change mind) as soon as you agree to it, even before you have left the premises.
I've always found better deals on mobilephonesdirect or
Uswitch mobiles for a comparison
I went into carphone warehouse, and to try buy pay as you go phone in there is pain, I keep asking if you want unlock model and you like no, I want network version and there all unlock anyway, and then there play dumb and say are you sure you don't want unlock versions,we not sure if it will work etc, and then when you get phone and say say, I don't need credit as I have sim and I can go upgrade without paying top up, there go dumb again and say , sorry never heard of that, that's for contracts,look at my list, it says vodaphone contract, I said no it says Vodafone connect , so there then say it says you have to get top up, and I was in rush so didn't have time to argue, and then the whole insurance crap , and you have to accurately sign to say you don't want no insurance,how backwards is that, and then there say,.if it breaks you have to go though manufacture and can't take it back here lol, worst sells people, must get lots of fines, but mobile phone direct are Great They are owned by car phone warehouse and are cheaper. Carphone warehouse can't price match with them but they can try and get you a lower price if you ask.
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