Carphone Warehouse cancelling all orders?

Posted 11th Jan
Have been tried multiple times to order some phones from Carphone Warehouse but I keep getting an email saying "We have cancelled your order as it did not pass internal security checks".

I've tried different cards and different addresses.
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take your custom elsewhere?
carphone warehouse will use credit reference agencies etc and if you fail their tests - then you fail their tests. you can try elsewhere or just pop into a shop and pay cash for a payg
I had the same issue months ago using a prepaid card, the internal check isn't a credit check with the network.
if you ring up and ask to speak to a manager and ask the reason for not passing the check as it is not a proper check with any nework and ask them to run a proper credit check for your eligibilty for the contract.
"tried multiple times to order some phones" presumably does not necessarily mean "phones with airtime contracts". CPW openly states it places limits on how many phones/contracts a customer is permitted to buy with xx period. Beyond that the merchant's security / antifraud procedures simply may not like data element(s) of the buyer's order; that may be an address; payment method; payment card; or similar; and any (non)correlation between same.…3d}
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