Carphone Warehouse Emergency Service Discount ?

Posted 8th Dec 2015
If you purchase a phone on the Vodafone or EE network can you still access the 20% discount?
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No I'm sure not - have to go through actual company. Let me know if you hear otherwise though as I get the NHS discount......
Yes you can.
You can't, just spoke to someone that works there. Bit of a ball ache really as Carphone Warehouse seem to do cheaper deals but when you go to the network providers these cheap deals are on they won't 'price match' it.

Yes you can.

Can you? ... Ive just spoke to someone that works at Carphone and they said you can't?
I thought Vodafone was direct only? Few of my colleagues have tried but normally on a retention deal. Have tried to get 20% off and a price match with and were outright rejected. Worth a try both ways though, direct and through cpw
I was talking about EE. I have done it, so yes you can.
You sign up for the contract at CPW, then email the form from your company to EE for the discount.
Orange used to, but dont as EE (at least for fire brigade). Vodafone do. And o2 defo do. CPW? didnt know they ever did.
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