carphone warehouse FREE laptop deals ( is it a good deal)???

Found 24th Feb 2009
been in to CPW to price up laptop broadband deals etc today. as we already have bt bb, thinkin of gettin a laptop without the hugh cost implications ( credit crunch and all that ) ...

anyway the sales assistant (those people that blind u with science to sell sell sell) actually told us that the FREE laptop deals were a much more expensiv way of gettin a laptop and internet......

it makes perfect sense if u do the maths but how many of us do that when we see the word FREE ??? hmmmm . He said if u already hav the internet then buy a latop outright then use the internet you already got.

reason i wanted to submit this was to say how SHOCKED i was at his honesty as they sell on commision and also that if you havent already and are thinkin of signin up to these 24 month contracts to really do your research b4 u do. FREE isnt always the cheapest ???
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You usually end up paying though the nose for 24 months and would end up paying out more than if you brought a laptop and had cheap broadband.

I would have thought that they would be on commission to sell the free laptop deal.
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