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    Hi all

    So, I bought my iphone through (not knowing it was linked to carphone warehouse, silly me) around 10 months ago.

    After a series of droppages, the volume button fell off and it stopped responding when I touched the screen. Totally my fault. I took it to the apple store where I was told I could buy a new one for £140 (I thought this was great by the way) but declined as I have insurance through the carphone warehouse.

    I went into my local carphone warehouse store where they promptly took my phone and sent it off to be assessed. I was told it would take max of two weeks - I was then given a standby phone - a lovely nokia 1100 (apparently I was lucky to even get this said the shop assistant as they never usually had any in stock!)

    So anyway, I called them today (its been two weeks) to find out how it was coming along, where I was informed it had been sent off to apple and that it could take another 4 weeks before they either repair it or send me a new one (with me of course paying the £50 excess).

    I can't believe that I'm paying all of this money for both my contract, and insurance which at a very minimum total to over £60.00 every month only to be told that I am going to be stuck with a phone from 2003 for 6 weeks!!

    I can't get angry at the carphone warehouse people as its really not their fault. I just think it's far from ideal and I've heard many a horror story about carphone warehouse from my friends!

    Is there anything I can do? Or am I just stuck waiting until they contact me?

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